February 10th, 2013

Angela Hix

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Are you a Betty or a Veronica?

PRODUCT REVIEW: MAC’s Archie’s Girls Limited Edition Collection

So by now you’ve likely heard all about MAC’s most recent limited edition collection called Archie’s Girls.
(If you haven’t, check out my last blog post)

I had originally heard about the line back during San Diego ComicCon when artist and writer, Dan Parent, visited a MAC counter in the middle of the con. (In case you didn’t know I’m a big geek. Yup! Star Wars, X-Files, Walking Dead, Buffy, Star Trek, comics, you name it….  so I tend to follow the ‘con’ news as it’s happening.) To see MAC’s name creep up in comic news was beyond thrilling for me. I was even more excited to meet Dan Parent a month later at Fan Expo in Toronto where my hubby and I got a commission from him. (see below)

Six months later on January 30th I find an email in my inbox from the Pro store of MAC saying it was available to purchase. I JUMPED on the chance! This ensured delivery before the launch date of February 7th too. Couldn’t ask for anything more!


So what did I get?
I got a little bit of everything from both the Betty side as well as the Veronica side.
(click on each to view the product)


Now that I’ve had my first shift for the launch and good a chance to play with everything here’s my thoughts on the products and line. What to skip and what to splurge on.


I’m happy with the line and feel as though they’ve capture Betty and Veronica almost to the letter. In my own opinion I find some of the items a little misplaced and the looks for each girl that were created (Betty & Veronica You can also see them in store in their look books) seemed a little out-of-place. Each item in each set seem to suit each character, but when you blend all of one girl’s collection together it seems a bit off. Blend the two lines together and it’s a hit. Add in some regular permanent line items and it’s beyond amazing. I feel like this line is a great line, but there are some weak items which doesn’t knock it out of the park. They show their weakness more when they’re paired together, but on their own they stand out.

The Betty lips are just off. Betty Bright seems to be the only one that’s worth anything. Oh Oh Oh and Girl Next Door are SO sheer. I understand some enjoy a sheer light tint of lipstick, but even Betty is known to wear a little red and deep and bright pinks now and again. I mean Veronica IS her BFF and she does share a lot with Betty. Come on. At least Betty Bright is fab! I wore it all day at launch. I paired it at first with the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, In Anticipation (a soft yellow pink) but after my break I switched it up and paired it with Absolutely It (a soft burgundy). I loved both results and can’t wait to keep playing with it.

The eyeshadow pallets are a lot of fun! Still though, I feel like both are a little impractical. Spoiled Rich is nothing but purples and purple tones while Caramel sundae is 2 really pale colors, one perfect taupey soft brown and one super dark color. Why on earth are there 2 frosts in each? Frosts are kinda blah. Luckily they’re pretty shades. I did an all Betty look for my first shift. I did all the shadows and even swiped on some Lord It Up Pearlglide eyeliner.

I think the big hits from this collection have to do with the cheeks.
The blushes are beyond amazing and such beautiful colours, while the Pearlmatte colors are just simply knocked out of the park stunning! I love that they’re the highlighter face powders with a touch of blush in the little imprinted hearts. A great all in one product! I’m so happy I got both!

For me the weakest has to be the combination of pigments that the shades are just all over weak (I mean come on a pale pink? pale teal? maybe yea but the both almost black ones on Veronica’s side are pretty much the same thing with different micro glitter), MAC’s overall crappy nail polish quality (don’t get me started) and the fact that they use four permanent line eyeliners and two permanent mascaras. Not to mention all they do is jazz them up in the collection paint and scheme and charge a little extra because of it. I don’t mind them re-introducing and tagging on a permanent line item to a launch now and then, but they seem to be doing it a lot lately. It especially is irksome when it’s a BIG launch and they just re-use permanent items. It makes me feel like they’re just ‘tagging’ them on and that no effort was put into them. If Veronica were a real girl, she’d use Blacktrack Fluidline. Betty would use a basic eyeliner and it wold be a simple basic brown and to be honest she’d likely get a good quality drugstore brand or Veronica’s cast off. But if it had to be MAC it’d likely be something like Duck.

As for the rest of the line, the liglasses are fabulous! They’re that perfect wash of color.
The Veronica lipsticks are both bold and trendy. Everything Veronica would be.


It’s a hit for me. I’m happy with what I purchased and will have many uses for it all. I’m glad I weighed what I found most important instead of just randomly buying whatever twinkled in my eye.

This has to be one of the best marketed lines I’ve seen from MAC in a long time. I think the addition of one of the top Archie artists/writers drawing during the launches in England was genius! It looked like an AMAZING time! Everything from Betty, Veronica and Archie models, a kissing booth, Dan drawing and a giant neon sign. This seemed to be one of the most fun we’ve had at a launch in a while!



  • -nail lacquers
  • -pigments, if you really want one, I’d get either Lucky in Love or Magic Spells)
  • -Pearlglide eyeliners (but get Lord it Up and Designer Purple in the regular line cause they are AWESOME!!!!)


  • -Blush, either of them, but Cream Soda for sure
  • -Pearlmatte Face Powder, either of them! They both rock!

The rest is a matter of opinion. You’ll have to go into a counter and check the products out for yourself. Swatch EVERYTHING! It’s so much fun!

Hope this review helps.
Until next time.

xxoo, Angela