March 1st, 2013

Angela Hix

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Beautifully Bronze

Spring is about a month away.
It’s that time of year when we start thinking and longing for the warm glow of the summer sun.

It’s never too early to bust out those bronzers and lets face it, there’s still a nip in the spring air and it might deter us from lathering up with those awesome self tanners.

Here’s a great bronzing trick to help prep those glows!


  • -Using a contour brush to apply bronzer in an upward sweeping motion just under the cheek bones. If you’re not sure where your cheek bones end and your cheeks begin, try making a fish face.
  • -Apply bronzer along your temples and at the very top of your forehead to give yourself a light sun kissed glow.
  • -Pick the right shade for you. If you want a more tanned look, go for something 3 shades darker than your skin tone, however if you just want a soft sun kissed glow pick a shade 2 shades darker.
  • -Matte bronzers are more versatile to work with than anything with a shimmer however bronzers with a shimmer will give a nice overall glow, but can emphasize pores.
  • -If you need definition and color, use cream bronzer to highlight your eyes, lips, and cheeks.
  • -When wearing shorts or skirts, add a little highlighter up the center of each leg to contour. This trick reflects light to the middle of the leg and recedes over the outer leg, making your gams look leaner and longer.
  • -To create the illusion of a more sculpted shoulder and neck area, shade and blend bronzer into the hollows of the collar bones. Then, take a translucent, illuminating powder and apply it directly to the ridges of your decollete to make it stand out. This trick will slim out the top part of your body in less than two minutes!

Here are some great options when picking out your bronzer.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Bronzer   aprox $45CA @ Sephora

MAC’s Bronzing Powder   $29CA @ MAC

MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural   $35CA  @ MAC

Cover Girl Cheekers Bronzer    aprox less than $5 @ Wal-mart and Shoppers


Physicians Formula   aprox $13-20 CA @ Shoppers, Wal-mart or Lawton’s