January 21st, 2014

Angela Hix

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Beauty, It’s Skin Deep

Hi again readers.

You’ve often heard me spout “good makeup begins with good skin”. Which I stand by. But often I’m asked about some good tips for different skin types. So I thought I’d do up a blog post to help.


Sensitive skin can react to almost anything. From chemicals to perfumes to even natural products there’s nothing worse then being allergic to a specific ingredient that is often found in common makeup products. Not to mention allergies, eczema and even rosacea are becoming increasingly common. Here are some easy tips for sensitive skin.

  • – Even simple offenders can help cause flare ups with sensitive skins such as lack of sleep, a hectic lifestyle, environmental pollutants and stress. Try going to bed an hour earlier, drink some chamomile tea and ensure you’re using a good night cream for sensitive skin to help regenerate your skin cells overnight.
  • -Fragrance and perfumes are the leading offenders in products for sensitive skin. Steer clear.
  • -The best tip is to ensure you’re seeing a dermatologist to determine your skin sensitivities. This will help you to steer clear of the products that will most likely cause flare ups and sensitivity issues.
  • -Limit the amount of products you use to the bare minimums and stick to the same regime for as often and as long as you can.
  • -Choose products with no harsh chemicals in them as well as formulas that help to reduce redness. The gentler the product the better.
  • -When looking at products in the store, aim for ones that are hypoallergenic. Some good companies to look at are Bare Minerals and Dove.



Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you should skip some steps. Often we think oily skin is over hydrated because of the excess sebum (oil) however more often we don’t realize that the skin is actually dehydrated which is usually the main cause to the extra oil production. Here are some easy tips for oily skin.

  • -It’s important to cleanse your skin, but don’t over cleanse and choose a cleanser for oily skin. You’ll want a gentle foam or gel cleanser designed for oily skin which usually has Salicylic Acid in it. You’ll want to avoid anything that is creamy as well as harsh, which will strip the skin of it’s natural oils which will cause your skin to overcompensate and produce even more.
  • -Don’t skip the moisturizer!! This is very important! As I said above, often oily skin is dehydrated and the skin tries to overcompensate by producing extra sebum. Pick a moisturizer for oily skin to help balance and slow down the production of extra oil.
  • -Use a good silicone based primer like Smashbox’s photo finish which is also oil free. It will help absorb any excess oil at the surface under makeup. A good tip when using silicon primer is to not overuse it. When we apply too much we often wind up with a thin filmy residue. If you do apply too much, use a tissue and lightly dab off the excess. If you find your foundation “rolls” when you’re applying it over the primer, it’s an indicator that you’re using too much and creating the filmy residue.
  • -Try powdered mineral products for oily skin. These products will help keep oil at bay, but be sure to skip the shimmer and keep the face powder matte so not to look shiny.



Dry skin often lacks moisture and needs to be exfoliated to help get rid of dry, flakey skin. You’re best friends are good emollient moisturizers. Heavier, richer cream products. Here are some easy tips for dry skin.

  • -To help bring life back into dull, dry, flakey skin, be sure to exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week as needed. This helps reveal the newer smoother skin underneath and allows your moisturizer to penetrate the skin easier.
  • -Be sure to pick out a cleanser that is rich and creamy. This will help keep the moisture in your skin instead of stripping it of it’s much needed moisture. Also, make sure you don’t dry your face completely. Moisturize while your face is still damp so that you lock in the added moisture.
  • -Choose liquid and cream foundations over just powders. Powder will look heavy and cakey on dry skin, not to mention it will make the skin look flakey and cracked, emphasizing any dry patches.
  • -When choosing moisturizing products, be on the look out for Hyaluronic Acid, a great hydration booster, as well as glycerine which is moisture-magnifying!

Well I hope these tips help your skin woes. Remember these are recommendations and that I am by no means a dermatologist. If you have anything you’re concerned about, you should see a specialist. They’ll be able to help you in your skin troubles.

If you have a little extra cash, and need some basic info in skin care recommendations, book a facial at your local spa with a certified estitician. My favorite skin care line is Dermalogica which can be found locally in the HRM at The Head Shoppe.

Until next time friends.

xxoo, Angela