November 22nd, 2014

Angela Hix

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How to Pick a Vampy Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Hi there lovelies!

Ever look at those vampy runway wine, burgundy and almost too dark a lip on the runway and think, “Man that’s gorgeous! I wish that was something I could pull off!
You can! You just need to look for the right shade to go with your skin tone.
Vampy Lips + Skin Tone = Perfect Match

Thought I’d fast track this week to a fun Foundation piece for you. We’re about to hit Christmas and I wanted to make sure this was in your repertoire before all of those Holiday parties! I’ll be back in January with my Foundation Friday posts.

So here’s a quick 411 on choosing the right vampy lip side for your skin tone.

When choosing a dark lip remember to look for it’s undertone. (Remember we did that for our skin?)
The easiest way to determine a lipstick’s undertone is to swatch it across a white tissue opposed to the back of your hand. This way you can see what’s happening under all that pigment.

Ex: most burgundy lipsticks have these basic undertones: blue, brown, pink and red.

The biggest key ingredient to choosing a vampy bold dark lip is the same for all skin tones…. CONFIDENCE! Be confident in yourself! Makeup won’t help if you’re not feeling confident. If anything makeup will make you feel like you stick out like a sore thumb! So work on you first, then go for that burgundy bold lippie!



Fair skin toned beauties shouldn’t’ shy away from the dark bold lips of the fall/winter. I know we’ve all read that it can make you look even paler, but picking the right shade is easier than you think. Loo for colours that have a pink undertone in berry shades.

You can also rock anything blue based in the plum tones. Look for deep plums, berry and wine reds.

Try: MAC’s Rebel, Wet n Wild’s Sugar Plum Fairy, Rimmel Matte Lipstick in 107

Another bonus for that milky-pale-casper-family skin? You can pull off the darker tones really well! Think Lorde in her Tennis Court video.lorde-tennis-court-2013_6js2h_2x5lfz


How-to-Wear-Dark-LipstickLucky you! You can wear almost any shade and tone of lip! The only shades that give you an issue might be the paler than your skin tone shades. Lucky for us we’re searching for those perfect vampy tones!

Look for rich, deep brown reds and dark berry shades. You can still pull off a pink toned deep berry lipstick, but sometimes it won’t work out. Brown undertones suit best over all and deep dark tones with a blue base!

Try: Bobbi Brown’s Desert Rose, Rimmel Lipstick in Sloane’s Plum, MAC’s Dark Side


Django Unchained - UK Premiere - Red Carpet ArrivalsYour gorgeously rich skin tone is so beautiful on it’s own a nice vampy lip will just be an added bonus accessory to your look. Try mahogany, deep plums and wine reds.

You can also rock pretty much any deep rich shade of brown as it always ads a sophisticated touch! A red base will really pop against dark skin tones too!

Try: MAC’s Film Noir, Revlon Black Cherry, MAC’s Cyber

If you’re going for that bold dark lip, keep the eyes neutral and soft. Make your lips do all the talking….without even saying a word.

Other fun tips:

-Lipsticks with a purple base will unfortunately and quite often highlight and bring forward any redness in your skin (think under eyes, pimples, rosacea, etc). So be sure to cover those areas well when rocking a vampy lip.
-Skip the bronzer and peachy blushes! Keep your skin cool toned and remember less is more when wearing a bold lip. You still need some blush (otherwise hello Goth City no matter the skin tone!) to keep your skin warm and calm to keep those lips nice and bold. They’re you’re show. They’re your lead!
-Use a lip brush. Make sure it’s bristles are tight and not splayed all over everywhere! Sometimes the extra work pays off so take the extra 5 minutes and take your time with application!
-Keep it satin or matte. Gloss can make a berry lip look good, but deep bold lips look best in general on their own and paired with a liner.
-Thin lips? Don’t completely shy away from the dark lips. You can still wear this hue, just choose something that’s thinner in formula that’s similar to a stain or a more sheer texture

Well lovelies, that’s it on blog dark lips.
Questions? Just ask! (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, website)
Until next time readers!

xxoo, Angela