November 27th, 2012

Angela Hix

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MIA: My Whereabouts

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve been missing from the site as of late, but I assure you I check in often and read comments and posts from everyone both through the blog on the site and my Facebook and Twitter.
I’ve been a bit busy needless to say. I had the great opportunity of flying to Toronto for IMATS and took in what’s know in the industry simply as “The Show”. It was a great learning experience and I can’t wait to share my photos with you.

Also, at the beginning of November, I accepted a holiday job that will keep me on my toes and busy over December. You can find me at our local Hudson Bay in Mic Mac Mall at none other than the MAC Cosmetics counter. Come visit and I’ll help pick out your new holiday look. 😉

I’ve been busy uploading lots of pictures to post in the near future.
Check back soon!