January 15th, 2013

Angela Hix

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My Top 10 Eyeshadows from MAC

I often am asked about my favorite products so I thought I’d start blogging about some of my faves. Today I’m starting by sharing my top 10 Favorite MAC eyeshadows. It seems suited I start with MAC eyeshadows considering it’s thanks to their eyeshadows that I am so in love with makeup today. I picked up my very fist MAC eyeshadows in 2006.

It was hard to dwindle down to just 10 out of my 100+ MAC shadow collection, let alone all of the ones I’ve played with over the years, but this is a healthy mix of must haves that I’ll always replace when I finish and a few more recent loves.

I’ve added both my own shots of my own shadows with those from the MAC website. Sometimes I can’t get the right lighting and lets face it, nothing is as pretty online as it is in person!

In no partciular order:

  1. Cork(satin finish) muted golden brown
    a gorgeous warm almost matted brown. I love using this in my crease and as a warm color for an outer “v” smokey day look.
  2. Wedge(matte) soft muted beige taupe
    my favorite “day time” shadow. It’s about two full shades deeper than my natural skin tone so I love it for a great day look or a transitioning colour.
  3. Sketch (velvet) burgundy with red shimmer
    a new favorite. I recently discovered this and have fallen in love with this shade. It’s a great smokey crease color. I often pair this with Shale or Haux. Bonus is that you don’t really see any of the red shimmer!
  4. Shadowy Lady(matte) blackened plum
    originally a limited edition shadow multiple times, it became so sought after and loved they added it to their regular line. I love this for a smokey eye. The hint of plum helps bring out the green part of my hazel eyes.
  5. Woodwinked(veluxe peral) warm antique gold
    this has to be one of my all time have shadows! It looks fantastic on EVERYONE! This is one of my all time recommended shadows for people to pick up
  6. Charcoal Brown (matte) muted taupe brown
    I love transitioning this with wedge and another darker brown called Mystery. It’s a great medium taupe brown.
  7. Humid(frost)  intense green with shimmer
    this has to be one of my favorite colours! I pair this with Lucky Green for a gorgeous green. Every redhead should have this colour!
  8. Patina(frost) taupe brown with golden pearl
    a new and recent fave. A great soft shimmer. I pair this often with Cork and its a nice soft shimmer almost an antiqued feeling.
  9. Satellite Dreams(veluxe pearl) plum with violet pearl
    one of my very fist shadows back in 2006! This purple is a go to for anything really fun! I pair this with a lot of my neutrals that have plums and burgundies in them as well as other vibrant purples like Stars n Rockets or Purple Haze! I’ve hit pan on this shade a few times over now.
  10. All That Glitters(veluxe pearl) beige with gold pearl
    my all time favorite must have will always replace eyeshadow from MAC. Another I often recommend as it looks fantastic on almost everyone. It’s almost a super soft champagne with the slightest hint of rose. I fell in love with this on my wedding day and have never looked back (hubby wasn’t the only one I fell for then;)  )

Do you have any MUST have MAC eyeshadows?
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