August 12th, 2014

Angela Hix

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Sephora, Three Years Later

It’s been 3 years to date since Sephora opened in Halifax Shopping Centre and a new one is on it’s way very soon for Mic Mac Mall.

I squealed with excitement when the email arrived saying it was opening soon (read my opening day review HERE). I went to opening day and dropped an easy $500 (read part one & part two of my 2011 opening day haul) and was completely in love with all things Sephora. I couldn’t sing its praises enough!

Well, after 3 years I still love Sephora but it’s more of a love/hate relationship. I love going in and getting what I need and to be honest I avoid the sales staff. I feel like every time I go in I’m rolling a set of dice on the type of service I’m going to get.

There’s one of two scenarios when I go in now: a) there are too many staff and they ALL want to help and don’t know anything about what I’m looking for or b) there’s no one around.

It also seems lately no matter who I talk to they themselves have had horrible service, no service or questionable service as of late. Mostly what I’m hearing is people going in, seeking out help from a sales associate and after a few minutes of looking for one having to go into a different area of the store only to find someone and then have them state, “Oh that’s not my area, let me find someone for you.” only to end up with someone who knows nothing about what they were looking for. Talk about frustrating!!

My other major pet peeve with the store now that it’s not shiny and new are the testers. Anyone who knows me, knows how clean and anal I am about keeping my makeup clean. Have you ever stopped and actually looked at the in store testers before? How disgusting they are? Gross. They’re covered in dust and grime and who knows how long it’s been since they’ve been replaced or cleaned properly. No, thank you, I would not like the cold sore of the previous person on my skin, nor the germ filled hands of a sick kid playing with ‘mommy’s favorite makeup’. *Shudder* Do you know how hot it gets under those spot lights? How does that all natural, paraben free product last under that intense heat?

Here’s some Sephora survival tips.

1. research before you even go in. Yup. Google is your best friend. Typing in, “best tinted moisturizer” directly into the search bar and combing through the top 5 hits from google will certainly help you narrow your selection down faster than asking anyone in the store itself.

2. take your google choices and check out reviews on the Sephora website or makeup alley. Beauty Blogging Gurus will always give you the skinny on what’s great and not so great about products.

3. narrow your choices down to 3.

4. go in store with your top 3 and try each product on the back of your hand or the inside of your wrist. Whatever you do, don’t try any of the testers on anywhere else. Why? Just look back at what I said about the testers.

5. Get a feel for those products on your hand and make a choice based off that. Remember, no matter what you decide on and buy, if you hate it you can always return it or exchange it should you love the product but say the color isn’t right.

If you’re curious about how others view our local Sephora, check out the Yelp reviews online for it. Currently 4/5 stars but read the actual in depth reviews. Same complaints.

All in all, I continue to shop there, however I plan my shopping trips accordingly to what I am low on, what I’d like to try out or if there’s a free gift involved. I avoid help like a plague. I google everything and if there’s an alternate else where, I’ll try it first.

What do you think about Sephora? Are you still in love with it? Are you always confused by the vast amounts of products they have to offer? Do you even bother with it? Do you swear by it? I’m curious to know what you think.

xxoo, Angela