November 3rd, 2014

Angela Hix

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What is Primer?

Hello lovelies!

Here’s a quick post to help sort out some of the basics on the importance of using primers.
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Q: What is Primer?

A: Primer is applied after moisturizer and before any makeup is applied. It is usually a cream or lotion and is used to improve the coverage and lengthen the amount of time products last on the face.

Q: What’s the difference in face primer, eye primer and etc?

A: There are a wide variety of primers that can be used such as foundation or face primer, eye primer, lip primer and even mascara primer. Each helping to make products last in their respective areas.

Q: Why should I use primer?

A: As rough as it sounds, you wouldn’t paint a wall in your house before you primed it would you? What are the benefits for priming a wall? The same goes for cosmetics. Primer helps to fill in small nicks (think larger pores or fine lines), make the paint adhere and go on better coat for coat (think coverage of the skin, less makeup means a lighter wear and less of a cake makeup feel) and it helps to make the paint colour more vibrant and last longer (think of that 8 hour work shift that turns into 10 hours. Wouldn’t you want an extra 2 hours out of your makeup?).

Q: What should I look for in a face primer?

A: Face primers often are targeted towards your skin type. Have oily skin? Try an oil absorbing primer. Dry skin? Try a hydrating one. Worried about large pores or fine lines? Try one that helps to fill in these problematic areas and smooth out your skin. It aids in the application of foundation making it glide on evenly and more smoothly. Most of all however it makes your makeup last longer! Ever get that separation in your liquid foundation by the end of the day or does it look like you even put makeup on at all? Primer helps with this. One thing for sure that’s an added benefit in most primers is at least a little SPF. (Other features in primers may be a colour correctors, extra vitamins, antioxidants or illuminator, but that’s jumping off the band wagon and running a mock before understanding the basics)

Q: What beneifts are there in eye primers?

A: Eye primers work similarly to face primers, applied prior to eye makeup, but are made specifically for the eyes. Our eyelids and surrounding eye area are the thinnest skin on our body, thus the skin is more sensitive. An eye primer is mainly used to prevent creasing in the shadows we apply to our lids, smooth out the surface of the lid and intensify the colours being applied to the lid. Other benefits could include reducing oiliness, add shimmer, even out skin tone or may mattify.

Q: What is mascara primer?

A: Mascara primer is usually colourless and often is used to thicken or lengthen lashes before applying mascara creating a more finished look. This type of primer may also help mascara from flaking, smudging of even help to improve the health of lashes over time and use.

Q: What about lip primer?

A: Primers for the lips are used to smooth out the lips improving the application of lip products such as lip pencils, lipsticks and glosses. Once again the primer also increase the longevity of the lip colour. Another added benefit for lip primers is to prevent ‘feathering’ (lipstick and lip products from travelling outside the lip line) thus settling into any fine lines around the lips.


-HOT weather and makeup are not friends! Primers will help beat the heat and reduce that ‘melted makeup’ feel and look.
-Help prevent skin from absorbing talc which draws oil from the face making your skin feel tight and dry but look shiny
-Prevents pigments from staining your skin
-Most primers contain botanicals such as lavender, jasmine, rose, orange, geranium and aloe extracts which soothe and refresh the skin

Here are some of my favorite primers:


Best of Primers


Well lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Until next time.

xxoo, Angela